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SO you've just taken your first step toward being a part of the quickly growing community/active militia that is the 97997MILITA and 97997tv internet sphere.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS because if you are here then you are already deemed worthy to participate. You will start in the very low ranks but promotion is quite random and arbitrary so all you have to aim for really is to impress your extremely respected and revered SUPREME LEADER which is, of course, me. I am an easygoing leader I promise and i'm looking out for you trust me on that. Not only will joining our humble group guarantee that I personally have your back always, but the entire militia will collectively support every one of its members no matter how measly the rank. We are all here to support eachother wholeheartedly.beIf my personal involvement is needed then I will not hesitate to act quickly and swiftly to defend and protect my loyal soldiers. (you may refer to yourself as whatever you like).

NOW, unfortunately this security and access to the great treasure trove of entertainment that is 97997tv does come at a small price. Although, there is the free version of 97997tv that is already out there for anybody to share and enjoy.. and we DO, of course, accept and appreciate one time donations to the paypal link at the bottom the page.

The true access however comes after a few steps...

Once you have done all these things you will be a full fledged member of this very strong and intelligent digital nation. As I grow, so will all of you.

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First know that I am not here to control you and I have your best interests at heart, but only generally until I can know you personally and what you may want out of life and the sounds you want in your delicate ears. If you think that what you want, in that regard at least, is near or already satisfied by what I already have released then you are a perfect fit because there will always be more and I won't sacrifice my artistic vision and ear so you must already align with it or be willing to accept it as is. That said, I also believe in providing my peoples with what they want and im sure you may have your favorite sides of the sides of myself I show so all I need to know is what sides those are and i'll try to oblige when the time is felt for it. Disclaimers aside the pledge is about humanity you see equality you see acceptance you see never at the expense of others. 97997MILITIA is protection. 97997MILITIA is haven and home away from home. 97997MILITIA is self-improvement and empowerment. 97997MILITIA is light and humorous. 97997MILITIA is exploration and experimentation. 97997MILITIA is here for you if you want it. I am here for you if you want to talk to me. ALL ARE ACCEPTED COMFORTABILITY FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED DONT FUCK AROUND WITH US mainly because it is pointless. Consider it. and CONGRATULATIONS COPJESUS2 kinder2 so-good